Mindputer Start One-Year System Functional Testing

                     About Mindputer’s Progress
The first prototype of mindputer has successfully completed recently. This is the first step of the Mindputer Project, which spent almost 4 years from July 2011 to June 2015.
In July 2011, the deep structure computing and mindputer lab was set up.
In November 2011, the construction rules of the NDS network took shape.
In May 2012, the design of bio-neuron dendrite model was completed.
In July 2013, the lab finished the design of multi-clusters transforming processor.
In June 2014, success of the basic circuit of multi-clusters transforming processor.
In January 2015, the software of multi-clusters transforming processor finished.
In June 2015, the first prototype assembly of mindputer has completed .
In September 2015, the deep structural network was proved by mindputer .
The laboratory has started a one-year plan to make a systematic functional testing for Mindputer. It will be divided into six categories for the coming testing work. We will be open to the public for our preliminary programme and testing results during the period, and will be showed on www.mindputer.org in advance. The Final experimental results will be published as papers or monograph after this plan ended.
           OUR MISSION
  Our lab, founded in 2011,
  was devoted to develop
  a new computing model
  based on bio-neuron
  dendrites, and the neural
  deep structure calculation,
  and to create a super
  intelligent system, the
  neural deep structure
  You are welcome to contact
  with us for the latest
  experimental information
  and news clues about 
  Mindputer.Please email :
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