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                                                                       What Is Mindputer
Thomas R. Insel said,“There is a sense from many places that whoever figures out how the brain computes will come up with the next generation of computers.”
The Mindputer Project was set up in 2011, our mission is to develop a new math tool, the neural deep structure calculation and a new computing model based on bio-neuron network, furthermore to create a super intelligent system, the neural deep structure computer, the brief name is“mindputer”.
                                                                Bio-Neuron Dendrite Model
Deep Structure Theory point out, every synapse position of a bio-neuron dendrite can make different micro-action in the electro-chemical processes of the inner cavity dendrite. So all synapses on a dendrite can be divided into many groups, each group has a special micro-action structure of dendrite, which can express one kind of electro-chemical micro-time-regulation patterns. Therefore, one bio-neuron dendrite can have many micro-action structure, and can make different   micro-time-regulation pattern(MTR Pattern).
Based on this hypothesis, deep structure theory deduces a new kind of neural network, which does not use the existing weight calculation of ANN, but adopt a new computing model for transforming between different MTR Patterns. Deep structure theory believes that the “MTR Patterns” transforming will be more important than the “weight” change in the simulation of biological neural networks. Therefore, we need to establish a new computational model based on bio-neuron dendrites . 
                                                               Deep Structure Network
Deep structure theory proposes that complexity of biological neural network was origin from the combination and superposition between lots of simple networks. On the other hand, , any complex biological neural network can be disassembled into many simple network units. The key technology is that the structure of complex network must match with the new “ Bio-Neuron Dendrite Model” which can be connected with many simple network units. The theory believes that the mystery of intelligence and thinking of brain was hidden in the complex combination and superposition mechanism between the different connecting pattern of these dendrite.
                                                                    The Lab’s Progress
                    In July 2011, the deep structure computing and mindputer lab was set up.
                    In November 2011, the construction rules of the NDS network took shape.
                    In May 2012, the design of bio-neuron dendrite model was completed.
                    In July 2013, the lab finished the design of multi-clusters transforming processor.
                    In June 2014, success of the basic circuit of multi-clusters transforming processor.
                    In January 2015, the software of multi-clusters transforming processor finished.
                    In June 2015, the first prototype assembly of mindputer has completed .
                    In September 2015, the deep structural network was proved by mindputer .
At present, the mindputer first prototype has been completed, and began its one year's system function tests. The laboratory plans to develop the new computer experiments in two directions, the first direction is to build more prototypes, research more large-scale deep structural brain models, and improve the mathematical tools of deep structure calculation. The second direction is, to promote the full hardware tests of the neural deep structure network, and the development of special materials and special technology, to making a new type of high intelligence chips and mindputer.

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