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In 2009, the predecessor of our Lab, Brain & Ecology Comparative Group had released the first disquisition in China, Deep Structure of Being: Its Concepts, Origin and Trends, the 11th issue Third volume, Frontier Science.
Brief Introduction of the Disquisition in English  PDF Download.rar
2012-2013, we had published the English version of the Deep Structure Studies series. They are Deep Structure Studies: The Third Synthesis of Biology, Deep Structure Studies : New Experimental Biology and Deep Structure Studies : Brain's Super Intelligence Analysis.
                                                                                                              Table of Contens
                                                                                    Table of Contents
                                                                                                           Table of Contents
Intraspecific Adaptability
Deep Structure Concepts    
The Advantages of DSS
     Essentially Is the
      Deep-structure Problem?     
       Research So Important? 
        A New Solution for
        Mayr's Fault Zone 

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